Prestige Your Skills

Unlock a new level of skill mastery with prestige!

Four-tier Raids

The ultimate PvM challenge you'll ever face!

Try Your Luck

Gamble or level-up your equipment!

Menacing Bosses

Battle foes you've never met before!

Level Your Companion

Gather pets, unlock perks and level up!

Group / Solo / Hardcore

Play the game in your preferrable way!

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Who are we?

#1 High Revision RSPS

Our server is packed with exclusive content that caters to both casual and hardcore players alike. Whether you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere or a challenge, Arigon has something for everyone.

What we offer?

Our Features

Nex Boss

30+ Bosses

Team up with friends to defeat powerful bosses or test your ability solo!

Mimic Boss

Endless Content

Your journey will never end with frequent updates!

Zombie Minigame

Customizable Adventure

Unlock various powerful weapons with unique abilities!

Arigon Account Setup

Your Adventure

Play Arigon the way you want with our multitude of game modes!

Pet Perks Manager

Expansive Pet Perks

Become ultra powerful with the aid of your companions!

Clan Information

Unique Clan System

Create or join a clan and strive for the best!

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