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  • Arigon is currently under development!
  • Arigon

    Arigon is the ultimate high-revision PvP & economy server available

    Perfect Combat

    Witness one of the most fluid and advanced combat system in RSPS history

    Tons of Bosses

    Slay various bosses that have custom mechanics

    Unique Skilling

    All skills work 100% with custom added content to keep you playing

    Staff Application Format

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    • You must know the rules of Arigon
    • You must not have any previous bans on record
    • You have to be active in game, forums & discord



    • Age:
    • Time zone: 
    • Daily play time:
    • Information about yourself:
    • Why would you be a good fit for our team:
    • Any additional information:


    Although not necessary, we recommend all members that are interested in applying to have at least 2 weeks of play time

    If your application is denied, you may not post another application for at least 1 week


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