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    Arigon is the ultimate high-revision PvP & economy server available

    Perfect Combat

    Witness one of the most fluid and advanced combat system in RSPS history

    Tons of Bosses

    Slay various bosses that have custom mechanics

    Unique Skilling

    All skills work 100% with custom added content to keep you playing



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    I just wanted to start my introduction by saying that I am glad to be here. I noticed this project and everything looks so good! I am really excited to get my hands on this and start grinding out. A little bit about me; my name is Roger, I am 28 and I am from New York. I was a long time OSRS player but quit about a year ago as things were getting a bit to boring. Started getting into RSPS and man I was hooked. Some servers have some really cool custom features which I like. Really excited to grind out ironman on this!

    Hope to see you guys in-game

    - Win


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    Hi Roger, I’m Rohan and I love 614’s I also rarely shop at cheap supermarkets because I have a phobia I might get diioreah. I don’t play osrs or rs3 only returned for 614 notsalgic vibes, community seems chill, see ya ingame!

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