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    1. Win

      What you guys up to?

      That movie gon be lit
    2. Win

      What you guys up to?

      While everyone is waiting for Arigon, what you guys up to? I am just killing time playing some other servers atm.
    3. Win


      Let's get it!
    4. Win


      I just wanted to start my introduction by saying that I am glad to be here. I noticed this project and everything looks so good! I am really excited to get my hands on this and start grinding out. A little bit about me; my name is Roger, I am 28 and I am from New York. I was a long time OSRS player but quit about a year ago as things were getting a bit to boring. Started getting into RSPS and man I was hooked. Some servers have some really cool custom features which I like. Really excited to grind out ironman on this! Hope to see you guys in-game - Win
    5. What's good man!
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