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    1. Salutations Arigoonies! As development has been going well, we can now set an official date for when we want to commence beta testing. Usually, we would open our doors to everyone however, after learning from previous mistakes doing so is not the best option for the success of our server. We will be only allowing hand-selected members to participate in the beta. As a beta tester, you will be required to thoroughly test content, look for exploits/dupes and report them to a staff member. We aren't looking for members to check out what the server has to offer and log out. Beta testers will be compensated for their efforts: Unique cape & title which will not be obtainable after the beta period $5 donator bond on launch (members that do more extensive testings will receive additional bonds) Members that go above and beyond will be a part of our official testing team (monthly bonds & first-hand access to the latest content) Beta testers can have their access removed and excluded from the rewards if they are not testing as expected If you are interested in being a part of our beta testing team please comment below in the following format: Hours available for testing: Experience: The official beta testing period will start on May 27, 2022 Please refrain from commenting on this thread unless you are posting a beta application, all other posts will be deleted
    2. Hello Arigoonies, Today's update will bring some juicy content for clans and much needed features for players. Clan Wars Clans may now challenge other clans to a war battle Only a clan owner can challenge another clan owner to war Clan wars support wagers (players may offer up coins or 1M bags) Custom interfaces have been created for handling the clan war challenge Clan wars may be customized (duration, war type, leaving penalties, team-capes, usage of potions, foods, special attacks, melee, range, magic, & prayers) Once a player has been eliminated or if they join after the war has started they may spectate the battle using the viewing orb All clan war wagers will be sent to the clan master for collection (only clan owners are authorized to collect) Crafting Glass blowing has been added and work for the following items: Molten glass Beer glass Candle lantern Oil lamp Vial Fishbowl Unpowered orb Lantern lens Light orbs Farming Farming skill was added All the following patches have been added Herbs Flowers Allotments Trees Fruit Trees Hops Bush Mushroom Vine Flower, Herb & Bush Calquat Cactus Belladonna Jade Vine Evil Turnip Patches have a chance to be diseased and can be cured with the correct antidote Composts can be added to patches Patches can be watered Making tree sapplings are fully supported (seed -> pot -> water -> sappling) Woodcutting Inferno adze hatchet effect was added Consumables & Mining Rocktails have been removed from the Pk master store, they can now only be obtained by fishing or supply crates Flasks All potion flasks have been removed from the Pk master store To make a flask you will need to mine red sandstones which then must be used on the sacred alter (in wilderness) to create robust glass Robust glass must then be crafted into a flask vial Potions can now be used on an empty flask to fill them up Potion flasks are automatically broken when the last dose is consumed Pets Pets will now be lost on death Lost pets will wander around for a bit before disappearing forever Pets can now be insured by speaking to the pet shop owner If an insured pet is lost it can be re-claimed by speaking to perdu Npcs Tormented demons have been added with their mechanics 1:1 (including the usage of darklight) Tormented demons can be found in a wilderness cave (lvl 31+) Tormented demons have been added to the list of slayer wilderness tasks Other 1/1250 chance of receiving a clue scroll pet when opening a clue scroll reward The Loot runners event has been updated to work in the wilderness Gear manager interface has been revamped to streamline functionality Max hit dummy has been added to the home area and will always show the player's maximum hit when damaged Easter ring effect has been added Marker plants have been added Added the ability to convert 1M gp into a 1M bag by using the coins on a bank booth Equipment interface has been modified to support the new absorption bonuses Store bonus tab now supports showing absorption bonuses for equipment Client Npc indicator plugin has been added Runelite plugin has been added for showing clan tags Fixes An issue with being able to enter a wilderness safezone to secure the chest of death package Fixed issue with items kept on death interface not showing the correct information Fixed issue with combat levels not being reverted correctly when ending the bot training activity Fixed issue with being able to bypass iron-man pickup restrictions
    3. Hello my fellow Arigoonies! We will be hosting a competition for those who can invite the most players to our discord! Rules: Purchasing discord members to join will not be permitted Making alternate accounts to boost your count will not be permitted Rewards: The member with the most invites will receive a $100 Donator Bond The member with the second most invites will receive a $50 Donator Bond The member with the third most invites will receive a $25 Donator Bond The member with the fourth most invites will receive a $10 Donator Bond The member with the fifth most invites will receive a $5 Donator Bond To check your current invite count type the following command in the 'Spam' channel: "/invites" To check current top inviters type the following command in the 'Spam' channel: "/leaderboard invites" The competition will end on June 10th 2022
    4. Requirements: You must know the rules of Arigon You must not have any previous bans on record You have to be active in game, forums & discord Application: Age: Time zone: Daily play time: Information about yourself: Why would you be a good fit for our team: Any additional information: Although not necessary, we recommend all members that are interested in applying to have at least 2 weeks of play time If your application is denied, you may not post another application for at least 1 week
    5. Hello Arigoonies, Today's update was a long awaited one, bringing a fundamental feature; marketplace! Players can now create their own stores and purchase items from other players with ease. Marketplace Players now have the ability to create their own store and list items for their designated price A search function has been added for finding a store by a player's name A search function has been added for finding stores that contain a specific item Item searches can be sorted by price low, price high, amount low, and amount high All transactions (buy or sell) are logged and can be viewed in your transaction history Once a purchase has been made, the seller will have their coffer filled which can be claimed at anytime (works even if the seller is offline) A system for purchasing a sponsored store slot has been added Boss Instances Constructed an interface for selecting a boss instance Fully working system for creating a party of 5 There will be a bank deposit box available in the boss instance Donators will have a longer instance period Bosses will automatically spawn once they have been killed (there is a cooldown period) Players can leave the instance at anytime by entering the portal Collection Log Completing a collection log will now have its own rewards Mystery boxes have been added for each collection log type (bosses, minigames, skilling & chests) Collection log texts will now be colored based off the progress Collection log interface was given some slight changes The Cursed One A new boss has been added (private instance) Boss has multiple unique attack styles Achievements, collection log & drops have all been added Drops include amulet of blood fury, blood shards, & more Cursed bone has been added as a drop which yields the most prayer experience Donators Rank names & icons have been changed A $5 donator bond has been added and the $500 donator bond was removed A new rank 'Eternal Donator' has been added The existing donator benefits interface has been re-made to support the new changes and additions Donator Zone A section for fun pk was added Thieving stalls in donator zone yield double rewards Gorad the helpless has been added for afk combat training (range & mage) An altar was added which has increased experience when sacrificing bones (less than the wilderness altar) Other Vote loot key was removed and replace with a Mystery box (vote) Skilling loot key was removed and replaced with a Mystery box (skilling) Mystery box (bossing) was added The skill pass interface was updated
    6. Ashpire

      Linking Discord

      Why should I link my discord? Receive notification when reaching certain milestones You will receive a 'verified' rank in discord You will receive in-game rewards when doing so Your discord account role will automatically be updated when opening bonds Extra account security for recovering your account Linking your discord is quite simple: 1. Go to 'Account Settings' 2. Click on the 'Discord' section 3. Click 'Login with Discord' 4. That's it! You should now see the following Be advised, if you are already in game when you link your discord you will need to re-log to claim your achievement rewards.
    7. Welcome to the goon squad
    8. Welcome to Arigon @Dork 🙂
    9. Hello Arigoonies, This will be Arigon's second update post, a quite game-changing one at that! Prestiges Players now have the ability to prestige any skill once it is level 99 Prestiging a skill will remove all levels & experience Prestiging a skill will award you with 1m coins & prestige points (points are scaled by the prestige tier) Skills can be prestiged a total of 10 times Prestige points can be used to purchase various useful items or cosmetic equipment Prestige points can also be used to purchase prestige skills There are various different prestige skills that will give an added edge whilst skilling Last Man Standing The minigame players similar to OSRS however, there are a few key changes There are a total of 6 stages, each stage will deal more gas damage Players must stay in the safe zone to avoid gas damage Upon killing a player an upgrade interface will be opened where players may select 2 items to upgrade There will be a 30 second immunity period from attackers and gas after a successful kill Players may customize their gear setup when in the lobby Clans Our clan system has been completely overhaul bringing massive content updates & changes Existing interfaces have been re-worked and many new ones were added Clan Settings A new setting for who can manage the clan has been added, managers may acquire clan tasks and edit clan information Clan types have been added which indicate the type of clan this will be Clan tags have been added which will show infront of a players name (clan tags are unique, only 1 clan have a specific tag) Clan slogans have been added which will be displayed on the clan information page Clan locking has been added which will prevent anyone from joining the clan Members can be banned from clans now, which will prevent them from joining the clan The ability to permanently delete the clan has been added (all members, levels, achievements, ETC will be gone forever) World Clan List & Features Players can access the world clan list by speaking to the clan master This interface will display all the top 15 world clans for all clan types Players may search up specific clan information here as well Added the ability to feature a clan by purchasing it for gp Featured clans will be displayed on the world clan list Clan Levels Earning experience in a clan by achievements or tasks will level up the clan All members can contribute to the clan levels There are a total of 13 clan levels Clan tag colors are affected by your clan level Clan Achievements Various achievements have been added which will reward with clan points and experience Clan Tasks Members who have the ability to manage the clan may obtain a clan task by speaking to the clan master There are 3 tasks difficulty (easy, medium, and hard) which modify the experience and points rewarded Clan task assignments will be generated based off the clan type Clan Information Page This interface can be accessed by pressing on the 'information' button in the clan tab The top 15 clan earners will be displayed on this page All the clan information (tags, level, experience, tasks, points, achievements, ETC) will be displayed Clan Modifiers Clan modifiers can be purchased by clan members who can manage the clan by speaking to the clan master There are various different modifiers which effect every clan member (they must be online) Some of these modifiers include minigame reward boost, experience modifiers and NPC drop modifiers Clan Mystery Box Clan mystery boxes are given to clan members every 10,000 clan experience earned These mystery boxes contain various valued items AFK Activity An activity has been made for players to AFK You will earn passive gp and experience in a random skill A global tracker has been added to see who has AFK'ed the most Other A new safety mechanic has been added in case items were somehow smuggled out of a minigame (this will render the item completely useless) PvP skill icon has been changed Client Constructed a new custom interface for experience lamps
    10. @Guy has been promoted to Moderator.
    11. TERMS OF USE By accessing or using www.Arigon.Io (the "Site") and its services (the "Services"), you (the "User") agree to comply with the terms and conditions governing the user's use of any areas of the site and affiliated services as set forth below. USE OF SITE This site or any portion of the site as well as the services may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose except as expressly permitted by Arigon.Io. Arigon reserves the right to refuse service in its discretion, without limitation, if Arigon believes the user conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to the interests of Arigon, other users of the site and the services or its affiliates. USE OF SERVICES Arigon.Io is a non-profit project developed to imitate outdated game versions for educational purposes only. The site and the services do not support and do not provide any modification to game files. By using the site or the services, the user agrees to take responsibility to follow game’s EULA. DISTRIBUTION Arigon.Io does not support distribution of any game clients. Download links on the site constitute mirrors of external sites for educational purposes. SITE ACCOUNT The user may register a regular account and password for the service for free. You are responsible for all activity under your account, associated accounts, and passwords. The site is not responsible for unauthorized access to your account, and any loss of virtual items associated with it. EVENTS, VIDEOS AND COMMUNITY CREATIONS Upon registering an account, you agree that your account or characters may be included in any events, streams or videos for promotion or review purposes. ACCESS TO THE SITE AND SERVICES Arigon provides free and unlimited access to the site and the services. 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    12. If you are a new or an existing player be sure to re-read the rules to ensure a safe and friendly community. Staff members reserve the right to decide what punishment is required for any offense. In-Game 1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment, DDoSing, and Inappropriate Content: 2. Account Sharing and Hijacking/Hacking of accounts: 3. Bug Abuse: 4. Macros/Bots/3rd Party Software: 5. Luring and scamming: 6. Impersonation: 7. Clan Chats: Community Forums 1. Flaming: 2. Spamming 3. Advertising 4. Misleading Links, Hacking, and Threats
    13. Hello Arigoonies, Today's update marks the first of many updates to come to our community. We have been working tirelessly on content and significant changes to show what Arigon will be. Much more is to come, so stay tuned! Mystery Box Interface will display all available loot that can be acquired Interface will display what loot you have gotten (animated) Toggle for skipping the animation for faster unboxing Rewards will still be given in the event that you were disconnected Teleportation Interface Completely remade the existing interface in favor of faster navigation and cleaner UI All teleports will have a brief description There are a total of 9 categories (Favorites, PVP, Bosses, Monsters, Dungeons, Skilling, Minigames, Cities & Donators) Teleports can be favorited by right-clicking the teleport or by pressing the star icon Item Upgrader The upgrader will allow for cosmetically upgrading items into a different variant (mostly OSRS models) Most of the time the upgraded variant will have a slight to none combat bonus Each item upgrade has their own cost and chance Upgrading will display an animation where 3 or more green lights are required for a successful upgrade Dontor Credits Store Credits (bonds) can now only be purchased in-game Fully operational cart system Proceeding with a purchase will open the payment platform via browser Game Modes There are now a total of 4 different game modes to chose from (spawn, adventurer, ironman & hardcore ironman) Spawn mode will allow for spawning gear & having the ability to set combat levels Adventurer game mode will have to train their skills & acquire their own items Adventurers will not be able to pickup or receive spawnable items acquired by players using the spawn game mode Adventurers will also receive an additional NPC drop increase Ironman accounts will have to manually train their skills & acquire their own items Ironman accounts have been restricted from trading, gambling, picking up other player items & participating in certain minigames or events Hardcore ironman accounts will have all the same restrictions as ironman accounts, as well as having only 1 life which if lost will remove their hardcore status Starter kit will be different based off the game mode selected Adventurer Mode Adventurers will not be able to pickup or receive spawnable items obtained from spawn mode players Adventurers have been prohibited from using certain stores Ironman Modes Hardcore ironman accounts will now lose their status on a dangerous death Ironman accounts have been prohibited from trading or gambling Ironman accounts have been prohibited from picking up dropped items from other players Ironman accounts have been prohibited from using certain stores Bot Training All PVP bots have been removed from around the world Bot achievement category have been removed Bot daily tasks have been removed Players can now train their PVP skills by speaking to the Combat trainer Players will be able to fight different bot types (Pure, Zerker, Curses, and Main) with different gear styles (Melee, Range, NH) All player bot battle statistics will be tracked for them Raids Utilizes a party system based off the clan chat (maximum 5 players) Raid monsters are scaled based off the party size Total of 5 waves (3 bosses & 2 puzzles) All puzzles and bosses are totally unique Completing a raid will have a 1/1500 chance of receiving the raid pet Randomizable waves will be added in the future Clue Scroll Clue scrolls have a chance to be dropped by any npc There are various types of clue scroll tasks Completing a clue scroll will automatically exchange for a different clue Once all clue steps are completed a clue casket will be rewarded Various clue rewards have been added including gilded, third age and more Warrior Guild Use of the animator will summon an animated knight based off the equipment used Tokens are scaled by the type of animated knight Cyclops will drop the best available defender automatically, no need for re-entering the room Kolodion's Arena Mage arena points will be given for completing Kolodion's arena Mage arena points can be used to purchase god capes, infinity and a mage's book NPCs All revenants have been moved into their own dedicated cave which is in the wilderness The revenant cave can be accessed by entering the cave near bounty hunter All dagannoth kings have been added along with their minions Dagganoth kinds & minions have been added to the slayer task Slayer Tower Direct teleportation to the slayer tower entrance has been added All slayer tower npc spawns have been added Crawling hands drops and combat strategy has been added Infernal mage drops and combat strategy has been added Banshee drops and combat strategy has been added Nechryeal drops and combat strategy has been added Skilling Low alchemy spell has been implemented Super heat spell has been implemented Bolt enchanting spell has been implemented Bones to bananas spell has been implemented Bones to peaches spell has been implemented All jewelry enchanting spells have been implemented All orb charging spells have been implemented Added the ability to craft battlestaffs (using a powered orb with a staff) Added the ability to fill vials by using it on a water fountain Bones can now be sacrificed on an altar for additional experience Other Perdu was removed and replaced with an equipment stand (static object) Random appearance preset on the make-over-mage interface is now functional Players will now be able to set a random appearance during the tutorial Players can now purchase a pk cape (lvl 99 & lvl 120) from the pk master Consuming bananas & peaches are now possible Players can un-note noted bones by using them on the elder druid at the chaos temple Referral manager was removed and now players can submit a referral after completing the tutorial Minigame spotlight system has been added, when enabled completing certain minigames during the spotlight great reward chances or higher reward amounts will occur Dwarf multi cannon has been fully added and can be purchased with slayer points (cannon utilizes ur range or melee bonus based of what gear the player is using) Donator Perks Super donators will have their cannon shoot up to 3 cannon balls at once instead of 2 Donators will now be able to store more cannon balls into their cannon (higher donator tier = more cannon balls) Client Added a new plugin for enabling player rank icons in the context menu Store groups will now have an icon based on its contents Quest tab interface has had a slight make over
    14. Glad to have u here big boy 😄
    15. Owner: @Ashpire Developer: @Ashpire @Bladex Community Manager: @Rahman Administrator: @Yuuji @Forest Moderator: @Chief Keef @Volk @Guy Helper: @Manga @Physio
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