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    1. Last week
    2. I would say my taste varies, depending on the food. In general I love fast food, sometimes chinese, and mostly Pakistani dishes. As for the movies/shows, I haven't really watched any in a long period. But I loved the twilight saga.
    3. Legendary guide, thx bud!
    4. Rohan

      Hi peeps

      Hi peeps, my name is Rohan. country of birth:- Newzealand nationality:- Indian Current residence:- Australia for 15 years+ did all my schooling here etc age:- 23 just turned 23 on 16th May height:- 6 foot 3 body fat:- haven’t tested yet probably 16 -20% games:- I haven’t really found an interest in games like I did back 4-5 years ago when I loved most rsps, mmorpg on iOS and android devices nowadays I just play if I have time games that I think would be fun and worth giving my time to from time to time 1-2 hrs max otherwise most of the time I’m exercising at home, studying and if I have free time when I’m not doing either of those, Id go outside and do other things more productive than games, and kids reading this DONT PLAY GAMES MORE THAN 2hrs it does damage the brain and your better off preserving your brain to perform at peak performance doing other productive things like going outside with friends socialing, kicking a ball at the park etc. studies:- currently studying university in nursing, love helping people and aspire to become a great nurse, my role model :- sand which lady at Duel arena sports:- played u12,13,14,15,16,17 a-d grade soccer growing up. Studies kicked in also got kicked in the shin area by some player combining both stopped playing sports since, was a blast at the time made a lot of friends and had alot of fun meeting new people kicking the ball around! anything else:- I enjoy making friends, I’m chill you can just about talk of any topic about life with me and I’ll reply happily, I enjoy chatting and can go on for hours. I’m not racist sexist or anything like that. Feel free to add me ingame and say hi likewise I’ll do the same, let’s have fun together, stay blessed everyone, thx for reading!
    5. Rohan


      Hi Roger, I’m Rohan and I love 614’s I also rarely shop at cheap supermarkets because I have a phobia I might get diioreah. I don’t play osrs or rs3 only returned for 614 notsalgic vibes, community seems chill, see ya ingame!
    6. Hello again Martin, also u like playing this game and your from Finland, nice country. What’s your favourite shows/movies to watch nowadays? What do you like eating?
    7. Short and sweet, nice.
    8. Thanks for the info what do you like eating and what are your current favourite shows/movies to watch?
    9. Rohan


      Goodluck with everything Arigon Staff Team, stay blessed and let’s all have fun together!
    10. Hours available for testing: 2hrs daily Experience: Played a lot of rsps in the past, was crazy hyped about 614’s never really had a blast of other games unlike 614’s. I can help find bugs through testing different aspects of the game, skilling pvming etc
    11. Hours available for testing: I'm on a summer vacation starting 20th May all the way until 1st September, so I can easily dedicate over 12 hours per day Experience: I have been playing RSPS on and off since around 2011.
    12. Hours available for testing: 6-10 daily Experience: Played rs since 07, and a ton of rsps's since 2010 *Was also part of the Battle614 beta
    13. Hours available for testing: Usually 6-8 hours at a time, 2-3 days a week. With a rotating schedule. MST. Experience: RS player since like 2007? Extensive RSPS experience. Staff on some 667 servers in the past and have lots of experience testing RS2 content (particularly matrix based. Less familiar with OSRS compared to RS2. Looks like a cool project and hoping to help make it a success!
    14. Hours available: 3pm to 9pm CST Experience: 2001-2022 RuneScape veteran 2011-2022 RSPS player 2013-2019 RSPS developer I've beta tested for a few rsps's in the past, I'm fairly familiar with what kind of combinations developers could overlook with item generation etc from my own experience with developing rsps
    15. Hours available for testing: 4-6 hours a day Experience: Life long RSPS & Runescape player
    16. Hours available for testing: 4-6 hours a day. Experience: Been playing basicly every 614 there's been out. And I been playing RuneScape for 10+ years.
    17. Hours available for testing: 6 to 12 hours Experience: iv play alot of rsps for 12 years + i would love to join the beta
    18. Hours available for testing: 2-6 hours daily Experience: 10Y+
    19. Salutations Arigoonies! As development has been going well, we can now set an official date for when we want to commence beta testing. Usually, we would open our doors to everyone however, after learning from previous mistakes doing so is not the best option for the success of our server. We will be only allowing hand-selected members to participate in the beta. As a beta tester, you will be required to thoroughly test content, look for exploits/dupes and report them to a staff member. We aren't looking for members to check out what the server has to offer and log out. Beta testers will be compensated for their efforts: Unique cape & title which will not be obtainable after the beta period $5 donator bond on launch (members that do more extensive testings will receive additional bonds) Members that go above and beyond will be a part of our official testing team (monthly bonds & first-hand access to the latest content) Beta testers can have their access removed and excluded from the rewards if they are not testing as expected If you are interested in being a part of our beta testing team please comment below in the following format: Hours available for testing: Experience: The official beta testing period will start on May 27, 2022 Please refrain from commenting on this thread unless you are posting a beta application, all other posts will be deleted
    20. Win

      What you guys up to?

      That movie gon be lit
    21. Oof, that equipment interface looks hot! 🥵
    22. Hello Arigoonies, Today's update will bring some juicy content for clans and much needed features for players. Clan Wars Clans may now challenge other clans to a war battle Only a clan owner can challenge another clan owner to war Clan wars support wagers (players may offer up coins or 1M bags) Custom interfaces have been created for handling the clan war challenge Clan wars may be customized (duration, war type, leaving penalties, team-capes, usage of potions, foods, special attacks, melee, range, magic, & prayers) Once a player has been eliminated or if they join after the war has started they may spectate the battle using the viewing orb All clan war wagers will be sent to the clan master for collection (only clan owners are authorized to collect) Crafting Glass blowing has been added and work for the following items: Molten glass Beer glass Candle lantern Oil lamp Vial Fishbowl Unpowered orb Lantern lens Light orbs Farming Farming skill was added All the following patches have been added Herbs Flowers Allotments Trees Fruit Trees Hops Bush Mushroom Vine Flower, Herb & Bush Calquat Cactus Belladonna Jade Vine Evil Turnip Patches have a chance to be diseased and can be cured with the correct antidote Composts can be added to patches Patches can be watered Making tree sapplings are fully supported (seed -> pot -> water -> sappling) Woodcutting Inferno adze hatchet effect was added Consumables & Mining Rocktails have been removed from the Pk master store, they can now only be obtained by fishing or supply crates Flasks All potion flasks have been removed from the Pk master store To make a flask you will need to mine red sandstones which then must be used on the sacred alter (in wilderness) to create robust glass Robust glass must then be crafted into a flask vial Potions can now be used on an empty flask to fill them up Potion flasks are automatically broken when the last dose is consumed Pets Pets will now be lost on death Lost pets will wander around for a bit before disappearing forever Pets can now be insured by speaking to the pet shop owner If an insured pet is lost it can be re-claimed by speaking to perdu Npcs Tormented demons have been added with their mechanics 1:1 (including the usage of darklight) Tormented demons can be found in a wilderness cave (lvl 31+) Tormented demons have been added to the list of slayer wilderness tasks Other 1/1250 chance of receiving a clue scroll pet when opening a clue scroll reward The Loot runners event has been updated to work in the wilderness Gear manager interface has been revamped to streamline functionality Max hit dummy has been added to the home area and will always show the player's maximum hit when damaged Easter ring effect has been added Marker plants have been added Added the ability to convert 1M gp into a 1M bag by using the coins on a bank booth Equipment interface has been modified to support the new absorption bonuses Store bonus tab now supports showing absorption bonuses for equipment Client Npc indicator plugin has been added Runelite plugin has been added for showing clan tags Fixes An issue with being able to enter a wilderness safezone to secure the chest of death package Fixed issue with items kept on death interface not showing the correct information Fixed issue with combat levels not being reverted correctly when ending the bot training activity Fixed issue with being able to bypass iron-man pickup restrictions
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