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  • Arigon is currently under development!
  • Arigon

    Arigon is the ultimate high-revision PvP & economy server available

    Perfect Combat

    Witness one of the most fluid and advanced combat system in RSPS history

    Tons of Bosses

    Slay various bosses that have custom mechanics

    Unique Skilling

    All skills work 100% with custom added content to keep you playing
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      • I would say my taste varies, depending on the food. In general I love fast food, sometimes chinese, and mostly Pakistani dishes. As for the movies/shows, I haven't really watched any in a long period. But I loved the twilight saga. 
      • Legendary guide, thx bud! 
      • Hi peeps, my name is Rohan. country of birth:- Newzealand  nationality:- Indian  Current residence:- Australia for 15 years+ did all my schooling here etc  age:- 23 just turned 23 on 16th May height:- 6 foot 3 body fat:- haven’t tested yet probably 16 -20%  games:- I haven’t really found an interest in games like I did back 4-5 years ago when I loved most rsps, mmorpg on iOS and android devices nowadays I just play if I have time games that I think would be fun and worth giving my time to from time to time 1-2 hrs max  otherwise most of the time I’m exercising at home, studying and if I have free time when I’m not doing either of those, Id go outside and do other things more productive than games, and kids reading this DONT PLAY GAMES MORE THAN 2hrs it does damage the brain and your better off preserving your brain to perform at peak performance doing other productive things like going outside with friends socialing, kicking a ball at the park etc. studies:- currently studying university in nursing, love helping people and aspire to become a great nurse, my role model :- sand which lady at Duel arena  sports:- played u12,13,14,15,16,17 a-d grade soccer growing up. Studies kicked in also got kicked in the shin area by some player combining both stopped playing sports since, was a blast at the time made a lot of friends and had alot of fun meeting new people kicking the ball around! anything else:- I enjoy making friends, I’m chill you can just about talk of any topic about life with me and I’ll reply happily, I enjoy chatting and can go on for hours. I’m not racist sexist or anything like that. Feel free to add me ingame and say hi likewise I’ll do the same, let’s have fun together, stay blessed everyone, thx for reading!
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